A Review Of MarketClub – Market Club Review

MarketClub is one of the largest online trading clubs and has been featured in both Barrons and Kiplingers magazines. There are numerous videos circulated on the internet promoting their services which include:

  • Trading Data
  • Trading Signals
  • Scanning Tools
  • Premium Charting
  • Portfolio Watch List
  • Trading News
  • Online Seminars

There is a vast amount of information included in their membership and one of the top benefits is their Trade Triangles alerts. You simply follow the green arrows for buy signals or red arrows for sell signals. This is not a day trading system though, it is for swing trading and most trades will last for about a week.

Another great feature is MarketClub’s Chart Portfolio which allows you to create a personalized watch list for stocks, futures and forex. You can view your portfolio in a glance and even get a nightly email detailing performance.

MarketClub’s Trade School provides audio seminars and pdf workbooks from many professional traders including Linda Raschke, Mark Cook and Chuck LeBeau. These seminars are available on forex, stocks, futures, day trading, money management and trading psychology.

They also deliver news via Associated Press, Real-Time Trader and Dow Jones News which can be customized to your preferences.

MarketClub recently filed a patent for their new Talking Charts technology which is the first of its kind and boast an “interactive trading experience”.

Data Central is a tool which allows you to download historical data which can be used for back-testing. They offer data for 165,000 symbols and this can also be used for end of day analysis.

Over all MarketClub has much to offer although their services are mainly orientated towards experienced traders. If you are new to trading it may be better to focus on one particular strategy or methodology instead of splitting your focus into too many areas at once. It is important to be aware of the dangers of “information overload”.

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