Who we are


Day Trade Courses was initially launched to help traders differentiate between quality services and stock market scams. We know that it’s not easy to choose the best day trading courses, chat rooms, and platforms, and we want to help.

Unfortunately, the day trading industry gets a bad reputation from a few bad actors. New traders tend to be overly ambitious or simply dismiss trading as a complete scam. The real truth is found in the middle ground. Trading is certainly not easy, but succeeding as a trader is possible. We make it our goal to help you save time and money on your quest for day trading success.

As a new trader, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different tools out there. How can you really tell the difference between one course and another? How do you know if a trading chat room is legitimate or just another marketing scheme? Lucky for you, we go in and do the research for you. Our team has been down the same path as you have. We tried tons of products and wasted even more money. If we had the proper advice, we would’ve saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Feel free to browse through the reviews on our site and see which services will best suit your needs. We do our best to be as thorough as possible in our reviews, but if we miss something, leave a comment in the post. We do our best to respond to all comments as fast as possible.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when analyzing our trading reviews.


We Hold Companies Accountable for What they Promise

Many customers assess trading services on one factor alone – does it make them money? While profitability is the ultimate goal of every trader, there are often more steps in the path to success. Certain marketers make it seem like you can skip these steps while others are straightforward. We keep this in mind when evaluating a service. For example, if a course promises to teach you how to read stock charts, we evaluate it based on how well it explains charting. If a course promises to make you a millionaire, we will be much harsher in our critique.


Thoughts on Mixed Reviews

Most products and services get mixed reviews. For example, one person may like a restaurant while another may not. This disparity is amplified in the world of trading because money is on the line. One person may make thousands of dollars after joining a chat room, while another may lose thousands. Different services will deliver different results for different people. Keep this in mind as you read reviews. First off, don’t be overly optimistic about positive reviews – there is no shortcut to success. Second, don’t become overly skeptical after reading a negative review. It’s often the angriest customers who are the loudest (and not necessarily representative of the majority).