ClayTrader is a global trading group spanning over 170 countries. At the forefront of the team, a stock market expert is working under the alias of “Clay Trader”.Claytrader

Clay owes his pseudonym, a play on the words “day trader”, to his colleagues from a former workplace. Namely, they were impressed by his drive for keeping up with the stock market, despite not working as a day trader. Still, Clay’s passion for stocks prevailed over time, as he began to fully focus on his own stock business.

ClayTrader and their services

Clay, the founder of the group, portrays himself as a relatable figure to his clients. Besides, he insists on being an average, sensible person with more in common with his clients than with wealthy businessmen.

A major staple of Clay’s work is using practical graph analysis for planning out his stock ventures. He also places a great amount of focus on emotional balance as something you must master to achieve success.

These are the main goals of their page. They aim to inspire you with the finest trade ideas, as well as instruct you on how to remain level-headed.

Apart from the site, you can learn about this company on Investopedia, as well as their blog. If you like what they offer, you can become a paying member of their Inner Circle of day traders, which is comparable to and services offered by Investors Underground.

Content, Features, and Cost

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a staple feature of this team. If you are thinking about joining it, you can learn more from the free tour they offer. You can also check out the “Testimonials” section with advice from existing members. This service comes with a free cell phone app for simpler access.Claytrader Inner

Here are some of the upsides to joining:

  • Regular information on what Clay himself is keeping track of on the market
  • A chat room, available only to paying clients
  • The chance to make contact and get support from other traders
  • A driven and devoted atmosphere with like-minded people

The yearly membership cost is $99, and there are no other payment options. Still, you may come across a cheaper limited-time offer.

Trading Guides

If you want to learn more about how this company works, you can also find a number of free instructional videos on the site. Apart from the webpage, they post some of these guides on Youtube, which is also a good place to start.

The University

The University is a service meant for those who seek more exclusive and in-depth information about the stock market. These are the options that come along with this feature:Claytrader The University

  • A high discount for those who decide to make a bulk purchase of all the trading guides on offer, helping you save over $600
  • Access to live webinars, where you can contact Clay and your colleagues in real time
  • A permanent subscription, which allows you to join chat rooms and receive the bulletin
  • The chance to make contacts and enter partnerships with other traders

The current cost of this feature is $1,997 if bought in bulk, or $2,600 if bought separately.

The Webinars

Clay is providing all users with access to a free promotional webinar. Namely, this lecture focuses on fighting stress and keeping your feelings under control while trading.

The lecture, centered around Clay’s own work history, aims to help you achieve the following:

  • Realizing how intense and uncontrolled feelings can harm your business, and learning to break free of these patterns
  • Entering the proper state of mind, which is crucial for becoming a successful trader
  • Being familiar with your assets and knowing how to use them in a correct way
  • Seeing how these ideas work in the real world and what results they really bring

Weekly Podcast

This podcast is available to paying members on a weekly basis. The episodes are meant to inspire traders, give them tips and show Clay as a relatable and everyday figure.


A downside to this site is that you cannot get your money back once you pay for a service. Your only option is to retract your membership if you aren’t satisfied with the deal you are getting.

This applies to subscriptions, as well as any purchase you make on the page, whether it’s items or video guides.

Evidence of Success

Research shows very little public information about the success or pay-off of ClayTrader. This makes it hard to form a clear idea of how good the company actually is.

The only recommendation you can find is a #1 place in a category of traders on InvestorsHub. What’s more is that Clay seems to be active on Investopedia, which is a trusted resource for financial experts. Still, if you are thinking about paying for their services, you will be mostly relying on the testimonials on their page.

Final Verdict

Clay carefully maintains a well-polished self-image. Namely, a visit to the site will make you feel that he is a real, dedicated expert in his field. He also appears very enthusiastic about his line of work.

Besides that, much emphasis is clearly placed on how relatable he is to his clients. Clay presents a genuine image of a self-made trader who built his business from the ground up.

What’s more is that Clay’s policy towards the market appears sensible and realistic. Namely, he makes it very clear to you from the start that there is no such thing as a guarantee of success. He also sees occasional losses as a natural part of anyone’s career.

The main benefits of the webpage are certainly the free video guides, and especially the webinar. It is also useful to have access to member testimonies, as well as the various limited time offers.

On the other hand, a great downside is the lack of refund options. You can only sign up for a yearly cycle, which is not as flexible as what many similar companies have on offer. And while the $99 subscription isn’t too steep, the lectures are certainly on the expensive side.

Overall, while ClayTrader appears to offer some valuable stock market insight, it is up to you to decide whether the price is right for your wallet.

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