How To Become A Successful Day Trader

Day Trading Tips: How To Become A Successful Day Trader

Day trading is the practice of buying or selling currencies, stocks or commodities and then closing your position on the same day or within a couple of days. Essentially you are making a bet on which way you believe the market will go and if you are right you earn a profit, if you are wrong you will have an expense. You control when you enter a trade, when you exit and the amount that you will risk.

Learning how to become a day trader can be challenging if you do not have the assistance of a professional trader. This is an industry where 95% of people who attempt trading will lose money and quit within 3 years. To become one of the 5% who go on to earn a lucrative income you must have patience, discipline and a strong desire to succeed.

To become a successful day trader you will need a high quality education, although you do not need to spend years in a classroom. There are some excellent day trading courses online which teach via video tutorials and allow you to be a part of a live online trading room. It is much easier to learn when you have the support of professional traders who know exactly what they are doing and understand the common challenges “newbies” will have.

Typically after you enroll in a course that teaches you how to become a day trader, you will start with a demo account that allows you to trade without risking real money. Most new traders will spend a few months trading with the demo account until they build their skills and gain the confidence to trade live.

If you can gain a quality education and become a master of patience and discipline, then you too can become a successful day trader and enjoy a lucrative career working only when you choose.

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