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Investors Underground Review – Day Trading With Nathan Michaud

If you are a part of the online day trading community, or you would like to become a part of it, you must have heard of Investors Underground. It is among the most well-known day trading chat rooms out there, with a large and dedicated user base.

Investors Underground is run by Nathan Michaud, a well-known character on the online trading scene. Before launching his own website, Michaud was a guru at What sets him apart from other gurus is the fact that Nathan was already successful when he joined. In fact, his name recognition was so high that could raise its prices. People were literally flocking to the site for a chance to learn from Nathan.Investor Underground

Due to some disagreements with Timothy Sykes, the founder of, Nathan branched out to form his own trading chatroom. That is how Investor underground was born. Many of the first members actually migrated from over to Nathan’s new platform, which is saying something.

There are multiple reasons why Investors Underground is among the most successful and popular trading chat rooms in the world. In this review, we will show you some of those reasons.

The Features

Like any trading chat room, there are multiple features available on Investors Underground. Depending on your subscription level, you will get access to some or all of them. That is part of the reason why people choose to get full membership. In any case, there are four different chat rooms, various educational resources, as well as trade alerts. Let’s take a look at the chat rooms first.

The Chat Rooms

As previously mentioned, there are four different chat rooms available, each specializing in a certain area.

  • Stock Trading Chat Room – This is the flagship chat room at Investors Underground. It deals with all kinds of stocks, and serves as a sounding board for its members. Here, users can alert one another when a certain stock on the watchlist is doing something interesting.Investor Underground Chatrooom
  • Momentum Chat Room – This chat room is regularly available during day trading time – from 9 AM to 4 PM. It helps its users spot and predict the movements of certain stocks. It’s also a great source for theoretical knowledge as well.
  • Swing Trading Chat Room – This chat room is similar to the previous one. The main difference is that swing trades are made by holding a stock for more than a single day.
  • OTC Chat Room – This is the least popular of the Investors United chat rooms. In fact, it usually has no members at all, except on special occasions.

Each chat room has its own moderators, so it is run efficiently. These people have a lot of experience, and they make sure that the discussion flows smoothly.

Educational Features

Investors United get access to a lot of really great educational content. These can be subdivided into thematic sections. There are four different educational content types:

  • Watch Lists for Stocks – This watch list gets updated a few times every day. It forms the basis for almost all conversations held in the various chat rooms. The list is formatted in an intuitive way, which allows you to compare stocks easily. This is really the heart of the Investors Underground platform, and an invaluable educational tool.
  • Library of Video Lessons – They say that learning is a lifelong pursuit. That is why Investors Underground also features amazing video resources for continued education. These are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. They release 2-3 videos every week. That makes them a great way to keep up to date with all the latest tips and tricks.
  • Courses on Day Trading – When the markets are closed, Investors Underground is still open. You can use the downtime to sharpen your skills by enrolling in IU’s day trading courses. These courses include the fundamentals of technical analysis, brokerage, and other useful knowledge.
  • Webinars on Stock Trading – Another great feature of IU are the trading webinars. These are held every week, and they are for members only. The topics covered are wide-ranging, from low floats stocks to short-selling.

Pros and Cons of Investors Underground

As with anything, Investors Underground comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s briefly take a look at some of them, so you can decide for yourself.


  • Verified trades – IU is extremely transparent, and all of the trades are verified. That goes for the good trades as well as the bad trades.
  • Profits verified by broker – The IU community has cumulatively made over $3.1 Million. This number is verified by brokerage records.
  • Vast video lesson library – All of IU’s educational videos are available on demand anytime. These are a key part of your progress from beginner to expert investor.
  • Great chat rooms – The IU chat rooms are extremely useful, and the culture there is positive and encouraging. The community has made a lot of money together, but that’s almost an added bonus.Investor Underground Pricing


  • Pricey – IU features two different subscription packages, Standard and Elite. For the Standard, you will have to shell out $197 per month, whereas the Elite will cost you $297 per month. That is a lot of money to be paying on a monthly basis, so you have to weigh your decision to join carefully.
  • Crowded chat rooms – Sometimes the chat rooms are too full for you to be able to take part. Messages are constant, and people sometimes struggle to keep up. In those cases, all you can do is watch out for the gurus’ messages, and ignore everything else.

In Conclusion:

Investors Underground is a fantastic community of people who have made a lot of money together. The mods and gurus are very helpful, and the resources IU provides have proven to be useful when making trades.

These are all great features, but they come at a steep price. The main thing to consider is whether you can make enough money per month to cover the membership costs. Anything you make above that is a bonus. If you follow the instructions the gurus give you, you should have no problem making money, and then some!

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