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PennyPro Review – Penny Stocks With Jeff Williams


Have you been trying to build a decent portfolio without success for a while? Well, maybe you can try your hand at trading penny stocks. After all, they probably have the best potential for growth you can find. You can even enter a position with a modest investment and still make a decent profit. However, you should bear in mind that trading penny stocks is not an easy task for newcomers. You must have a lot of discipline and knowledge as penny stocks are famous for being volatile.

So, in order to try and bridge the gap between you and the traders who have been around for a while, you will require some assistance. And this is where Penny Pro steps in with their beginner-friendly service. But, can this service really help you? Well, read this review to find out.

The Penny Pro Introduction

Penny pro is an educational service that will help you get a grasp on trading penny stocks. It offers various educational services as well as a chat room about stocks that trade under 10 dollars. The service is run by the same team behind Jason Bond’s trading service. You can use the chat rooms that are available in real time and connect with other traders, learn from loads of educational materials they offer, and even set up trading alerts. If you want training, you can get it in multiple ways. You can go with DVDs, mentorships, and webinars. And you can always turn to their video library and learn from the materials they have.

The focus of this service is on the use of technical analysis and intra-day trading of penny stocks. As a service, it is perfect for newcomers with smaller accounts and who believe they require training.

The Man Behind The Service

The founder of Penny Pro is Jeff Williams, a multi-millionaire famous for his penny stock trading. In fact, he treats penny stock trading as a full-time job. Additionally, he is available in the trading chat room each morning. His primary focus is on momentum stocks. However, he doesn’t run the website alone. He has the help of other moderators. For example, Taylor, who is both a mentor and a technical trader, or Davis who is a swing trader.

The Features

When subscribing to an online service,  you are usually the most curious about the features they offer. So, let’s quickly go through the offering of Penny Pro:

PennyPro Chat Rooms

As a subscriber of Penny Pro, you will have access to two chat rooms, depending on the plan you chose. One, for basic users, and the other, exclusive chat room that only the premium members can use. And we have to say that the basic chat room is incredibly active. You are likely to find hundreds of traders active at any given moment. And, Jeff Williams is there every morning with his commentaries about the market. This is similar to other services like Investors Underground and Superman Trades.pennypro-chatroom

Live Alerts

Williams and his moderators also send out alerts to the subscribers who want them. You can choose to receive them via email, text message, or even through the chat room. This way, you can make sure you don’t miss out on good opportunities. However, we would not recommend blindly following alerts. It would be best to treat them as learning tools. Penny stocks are volatile and move quickly, so it can be risky to try and chase the alert. Jeff Williams also shares his screen which has his Equityfeed scanners.

The Watch Lists

While less than perfect, Penny Pro watch lists can come in handy when it comes to picking the stocks. Williams and his team will do all the work for you and present you with up to ten stocks every day. With this service, you won’t have to spend hours digging through penny stocks to find good ones.

Training Courses

Penny Pro also has a variety of training courses for traders who are getting into trading penny stocks. And there are courses for every level of skill, so traders with experience can benefit from them too. There are three skill levels in trading courses, the beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Additionally, you can further improve your training by going through their video library. Their library already houses well over 1,000 videos and new ones come out every two weeks.

Furthermore, Penny Pro members can also join live webinars in the chat room twice per month. You can attend the webinars if you want or, you can watch the recording of them later.

Overall, their educational courses are among the best ones you can find online. However, you will have to pay for access to most of their video content.

Plans and Prices

There are two subscription packages you can choose from when joining Penny Pro. The Penny Stock Pro, which is their basic program, will cost you 299 dollars quarterly. However, the price goes even lower during sale promotions. So, if you keep your eyes open, you might get it for less than 700 dollars per year. With this plan you will get access to chat rooms, real-time alerts, video lessons every two weeks, two live webinars per month, watch lists, and access to their video library.pennypro plan and price

On the other hand, you can use their Penny Stock Millionaire plan which costs 3,999 dollars per year.  And, you might get it for half that price if you buy it on discount. With this plan, you will gain access to an exclusive group of successful traders. And, more importantly, mentoring by your mentor 5 times a week. Additionally, you will be able to follow Jeff Williams live as he trades.


* Mentors who participate in chat rooms actively

* Educational materials

* User-friendly environment


* No free trial

* Limited free content

Final Remarks

Penny Pro offers a reliable environment for people who want to improve their trading game. If you are a beginner in the world of penny stock trading, this can be a good starting point for you. The chat rooms are very active, and you can follow daily activities of expert traders to learn from them. The exclusive plan is relatively expensive, so we would recommend testing their services out with a basic plan first.

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