Trading can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t have a deep understanding of the stock market. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard if you equip yourself with the proper tools. You have probably heard of the Tandem Trader DVD course. If you haven’t, it’s a DVD course designed to instill money-making trading habits into anyone. There are more than 14 hours of live trading action, more than 12 hours of content, level 2 analysis, and more. So, regardless of your skills or trading style, you can learn a lot and take your success further. Tandem Trader is the follow up to the previous course, Textbook Trading. Stay tuned as we talk into detail about everything this day trading course has to give.

Tandem Trader Overview

tandem trader dvd

This day trading course could easily be the most all-inclusive one on the market. It consists of money-making day trading setups, up to 12 hours of content and useful explanation on real trades. Moreover, in comparison to other similar trading courses, this one refrains from tackling hindsight analysis, complex theories, and strategies that hardly give any results. What it does provide is live-trading action with an expert trader who has over 10 years of trading experience.

To be easily understood, the course has been divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter covers one trading aspect. So, let’s see what each chapter talks about.

Chapter One: Charting the Course

In this part, you will learn about how Nate first started out, and about his struggles and successes as a trader. Additionally, you will learn about the strategies he took on himself in order to remain a profitable trader.

Chapter Two: Trading Concepts

Chapter two covers various concepts of trading. For example, basic philosophies and trading rules. It talks about which stocks to trade, how to manage your emotions and the downsides of overtrading. These strategies are supposed to help you become a profitable trader.

Chapter Three: NASDAQ Longstandem trader dvd chapter 3

Chapter three will help you experience some live action. Expect to see top chart patterns that will allow you to become proficient in buy low and sell high trades. Detailed real trade examples are included.

Chapter Four: Parabolic Shorts

You will find different parabolic short setups, learn how to spot them easily and when to take a short position. You can, in fact, make solid money when a certain stock drops in price and you didn’t even see it coming.

Chapter Five: Shorts and Faderstandem trader dvd chapter 5

Even though parabolic shorts provide amazing trading opportunities, you don’t have to wait for stocks to shoot up before you take a short position. This chapter talks about common short opportunities which include late day faders.

Chapter Six: OTC Trading

Pay attention to this chapter and remember as much as possible because trading penny stocks is rather dangerous. In addition, the details about OTC markets are covered, with live recordings of actual trades included.

Chapter Seven: Level 2 Screens and Float Rotation

Level 2 screens is a vital trading tool; this is especially true when it is utilized alongside charts. Traders with access to it have additional insight into the demand and supply of stock markets. In this chapter, you will learn how to read and interpret Level 2 screens effortlessly and correctly. Also, you’ll learn what float rotation is and how it can trigger extensive stock breakouts.

Chapter Eight: How to Scan for Stocks

Both avid and new day traders find it hard to find profitable and right stocks to trade. So, it can’t hurt to learn how to develop your own watch lists. You’ll find out how to scan for profitable stocks.

Chapter Nine: Tools of the Trade

There’s a variety of trading tools at day traders’ disposal. It’s important to know which tools to select in order to be a successful trader. Tricks and tips from this chapter will help you choose the best charting platforms and brokers, and consequently become a profitable day trader.

Chapter Ten: Trader Interviews

Chapter ten is packed with one-on-one interviews with successful and popular day traders. The traders discuss their past mistakes, talk about being introduced to stock trading and also about some strategies that helped them become successful.

Who Is Behind the Course?

Nathan MichaudInvestors Underground, one of the most prominent day trading communities and education services, is behind this course. They offer two courses on trading: Tandem Trader and Textbook Trading. The company’s founder is Nathan Michaud, a widely known trader who also founded the website.

Main Characteristics / Benefits

Stream on Any Device

You can watch this DVD on any device. After buying it, you will get instant streaming access to it.

Live Trade Examples

You can watch all Nathan’s moves, as well as every trade he makes live. You will easily understand a trade from entry to exit. In his analysis, he breaks down the mechanisms of profitable intraday moves, swing trades, short trades, and long trades.

Trading Concepts

The DVD course summarizes some basic trading strategies and chart patterns that could become actionable market concepts. Both experts and beginners will find these concepts extremely useful.

Chart Analysis

You will run into various setups in the chart analysis, including ABCD charts. All of the charts are pretty detailed, and you will learn about the strategies through them. Also, you will see them being implemented live.

Subscription and Pricing Options

There are three packages to choose from. The first one includes only the Tandem Trader DVD and is around $1297. The three-month membership plan costs $1497, and it includes Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader. This option also gets you a subscription to Investors Underground Elite, which will last for three months. The third option is a yearly membership plan, which is $1997. You get the same courses as with option two, as well as a yearly subscription to the Investors Underground Elite.


  • An all-inclusive day trading course
  • Real-time trades
  • Developed by an experienced trader
  • Allows you to learn profitable and practical setups for day trading
  • High-quality DVDs
  • Easy to follow


  • Expensive; especially for beginners

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

Traders who already have a satisfactory knowledge of the market will profit from this course the most. However, it’s also great for people who are considering trying out day trading for the first time. The course is very practical. Also, for those who are on the search for a mentor, the Tandem Trader course is a sound choice.

Final Thoughts

If you are a swing trader or you want to day trade, the Tandem Trader course is just what you have been looking for. However, don’t expect to become a successful and profitable trader overnight. What you can expect is to improve your skills with some great trading concepts. Both novel and experienced traders can learn a lot from this DVD course.

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