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TC2000 Review – Is This the Charting Software for You?

As a stock trader, you require the best possible software to track and chart data on the market. And if you think that you don’t need TC2000 because you have a different software – that’s good. Keep on using that software for basic brokerage. However, if you require the best in digital charting and market analysis, TC2000 will work for you. In other words, you will enjoy this software whether you’re using it as the main tracking and trading tool or as a supplementary program.

I really enjoyed TC2000 as a supplement to the software I used with Firstrade. TC2000 takes things to the next level.

Let’s learn a little something about TC2000 and how it managed to climb to the top of market charting software in early 2018.

TC2000 – Some Basic Information

Tc2000 Software

TC2000 is, as noted in the paragraph above, a powerful charting and technical trade market analysis software. The companyproviding you with this program is TC2000 Brokerage; they provide opportunities to trade, but that’s not all they do. In addition, you get to screen data in real time pertaining to various markets to perform tech analysis charting so that you can trade with other brokers after that. According to the company itself, the TC2000 Brokerage is your go-to provider for both market data in real time and instruments for charting.

Different Versions of TC2000

You will be charged for real-time data, that’s for sure. In accordance to that, TC2000 has three distinct versions, differing in prices. The cheapest package is the Silver, at $9.99 per month. The Gold version is $29.99, and the premium, Platinum version comes up to $89.99. Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer, the Gold version will be perfect for you, as it has more options than Silver and isn’t as costly as Platinum. Naturally, you can write off each of these as a business expense when you’re purchasing them, if you’re a professional trader, of course.Tc2000 Version

What Does the Software Look Like?

The majority of the screen of TC2000 belongs to the chart(s) you will be using. If you’re looking for a good scanner, consider EquityFeed or Trade Ideas. On the left is the watchlist of all underlying assets. If you happen to be new to trading, TC2000 offers an array of default templates you can use to modify charts. Naturally, you’re given step-by-step instructions on how to do so. This feature also makes it easy for experienced users to organize their working environment, making TC2000 a perfect fit for everyone.

One major aspect of this software that separates it from others is that you can open various charts in tabs like you would while browsing the internet. Each of these tabs can be used to work on a different type of market, such as ETFs, stocks, options, and so on.

Features of TC2000

Common Features

With this software, you get all of the basic chart types – candlesticks, pie charts, line charts, you name it. Anyone from a long-term investor to a day-trading speculator can use them due to how easy they are to customize. The tabs help out this organization immensely, allowing you to sort out different markets and statistics with ease.

The Simplicity of Organization

All three versions of TC2000 contain so-called personal watchlists. You can customize it in a heartbeat using the codes of any asset that catches your eye. In fact, you can access over 100.000 assets in TC2000, though real-time data will cost you money.

You should know that the Silver, basic version will not contain certain invaluable features. You won’t be able to draw trend lines, get alerts on prices, nor will you have a Fibonacci matrix. Also excluded is the EasyScan®, a system-based type of wizard that helps you track stocks with forthcoming dividends. This is important to note, as observing these dividends pays off in the long run. Strategies that involve dividends utilize buy-and-sell types of orders, and these can happen close to an announcement, an ex-date, or the payday itself. None of this is in the Silver version.

A Thousand Alerts Screened

Let’s move from Silver to Platinum. If you get this version and pay close to four times the value of the Gold version, you will be able to monitor and screen price alerts of 1.000 different assets. Naturally, you can use a stock screener instead. TC2000 focuses more on visualizing rather than locating stocks anyway. For a better asset monitoring experience, Trade Ideas Software is still king.Tc2000 features

Most options that are unique to Platinum as opposed to Gold and Silver tend to have more options for customization. Most users cannot really work with them, and therefore it’s not worth paying $60 more for something that you can achieve with a cheaper package.

You can split this trading platform into several separate timeframes, all you’ll need to do is click a button.

Now let’s talk indicators. TC2000 has you covered in this regard, as it has every single indicator for screening every single chart. They are all in one drop down list case, so you can find and use them with ease. It should be noted that simplicity is not always a good trait, but when combined with the high quality of the product’s features, it makes it ten times better.

Pros and Cons of TC2000

Now that we have the product more or less laid out, let’s discuss what’s good about it, and what’s not so good.

Pros of TC2000:

– you can use and customize it to the maximum of its capacity;

– browser-like tabs make working on it easy;

– a step-by-step build-up regime makes it accessible to both the newbies and the professionals;

– able to monitor and scan almost 1.000 assets, depending on your version;

– you will be able to work with dividend-based and interest-based strategies.

Cons of TC2000:

– it has no free trial version;

– the Platinum version is very expensive;

– the Silver version doesn’t have certain crucial features;

– you have to pay more for real-life data;

– there is no way to affiliate it with MetaTrader and other brokers;

– not every version allows working with both dividend and interest-based strategies.

TC2000 – A Few Words at the End

While you’ll have to pay for any version of TC2000, it is definitely your best choice for charting. The browser-like tabs and easy learning curve make it perfect for newcomers, and its organizational layout will make the job of experienced traders all the easier. Expenses will be somewhat high when you purchase this platform, but if you shop smart, you can get most of that money back by simply using it. Whatever your mileage is with trading, you will not go wrong with TC2000. Get it, and start charting like a boss today.

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