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VectorVest Review – Platform Rank and Rating

VectorVest is a powerful system by a company that has been creating software to help us get a clear direction before we start investing. And the VectorVest 7 is their newest software addition. It can gather, archive, and analyze information on tens of thousands of stocks each day.Vectorvest 7

And, as a trader, you will love the analysis this system provides. The goal of the company behind the product is to give their users a better chance on the market. It won’t allow you to see the future, of course, but it will make predicting market trends easier.

This platform is similar to other tools like TradeSpoon, which we have not reviewed yet but can be found in this TradeSpoon review.

The Man Behind the Product

The founder and creator of VectorVest is Dr. Bart Diliddo, a famous expert in finance and investments. He started out by analyzing stock trends and making interpretation models. With the use of these models, he went on to make programs that can track the performance of stocks. And this is the type of analysis that VectorVest 7 does the best. The tools it will give you will provide you with a clear overview of the situation on the market.

The VectorVest 7

With the help of VectorVest 7, you will be able to find which stocks will be profitable. And, more importantly, you will know which stocks to avoid. After all, minimizing risks can be more important than maximizing your profits. The most notable feature of this software is the assistance it offers. It can display options for every action you might want to consider. It can recommend selling or buying stock, or even holding it for later. And it does so through evaluation of the market timing and the value of the shares. And this analysis is possible for every single market stock. You can check every eventuality to determine what your future steps will be. After all, if you want to make a good profit on the market, you should always use the best tools available.

VectorVest 7 Subscription Plans and Costs

There are three primary subscription plans that VectorVest offers to its users. The most inexpensive package is the “End of Day” deal that will cost you 69 dollars per month. If you choose to pay for a year in advance, it will cost you $695. This plan will provide you with the access to the End of Day analysis, market timing, and the mobile app.Vectorvest Pricing

The next package they offer is the IntraDay subscription plan. This plan will grant you access to all the same features as the previous one, and more. The addition being the fact that you will receive updates about the market every 15 minutes instead of at the end of the day. The plan will cost you 89 dollars per month, or 895 dollars for a yearly purchase.

And, the most expensive package they offer is the RealTime plan. This is the plan they claim to offer the best value. And, it is a very potent plan for day traders. Not to mention that it is very beginner-friendly. With this plan, you will get the updates in real-time, unlike the previous plan where there is a 15-minute delay. This plan will cost you 129 dollars per month, or 1,295 per year. Additionally, this plan comes with AutoTimer, WatchDog, and ProTrader add-ons.

The Trial Period

All of their plans come with a five-week trial period that will only cost you $9.95. And, we have to say that the trial period is a great way to test the product out. We would definitely recommend taking the trial period before making a purchase for the full price.

Who is VectorVest 7 Suitable for?

If you take a look at online reviews, you will find that traders are very happy with the services of VectorVest. And that is for a good reason, they offer powerful analytical tools that are easy to use. It’s a great self-serve alternative to services like Motley Fool. And, if you are an active trader, having the ability to process data and present it in a live stream of information can be incredibly useful. Finding good entry and exit points can be a lot trickier without the use of proper tools. So, if you want to enter or exit a position at perfect moments, this software will be your best friend.Vectorvest 7 features

But remember, this program does not offer automatization of the process. So, if you want to use AI to place your trades, you might want to go with Trade Ideas instead.

Customer Service

We have to say that the help desk is excellent and that the staff is always there for the users. You can contact the support team via e-mail or on the phone. We did it to get help with setting up our account, and we have to say, they were really helpful.


* Almost free trial period of 5 weeks that lets you test their products out

* Competitive pricing

* Powerful analysis

* Great customer service team


* You will have to pay for add-ons separately, depending on the plan you choose

* Lacks artificial intelligence if you compare it with its most prominent competition – Trade Ideas Pro

* You can’t use it on MAC computers directly.

Final Remarks

If you are a trader who wants to have a competitive advantage, you should consider using proper tools. And, VectorVest 7 can definitely handle the tasks you might have for it. Not to mention that they offer something you will rarely find in the trading community – a trial period. Sure, it is not entirely free, but, it still costs less than 10 dollars for 5 weeks of using even their most powerful plan. And, you definitely won’t be the first person this plan has helped over the years. In fact, it is still one of the most popular programs for various financial experts and traders.

Their prices are affordable, but they are not exactly cheap. The reason for this is the module pricing. However, the services they offer are definitely worth the money. Especially if you have been looking around for a product such as this one.

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