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Warrior Trading Review – Is Ross Cameron Legit?

Warrior Trading Review

If you are a newcomer to the world of stock trading, you might have noticed that there is a great number of trading courses and services for beginners available online. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to find trading education providers that are actually worth the investment. Founded in 2012, Warrior Trading has quickly become one of the most popular education platforms for traders.

What Is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading started out as a blog with an aim to help new traders learn the basic trading techniques and strategies. This was in 2012. Today, Warrior Trading is a complex trading education platform. They not only trading courses for all levels as well as various additional features such as the day trading chat room and the trade simulator.

Ross Warrior Trading Founder

The Warrior Trading Team

Ross Cameron is the founder of warrior trading. He claims that he has lost quite a lot of money by making rookie mistakes. Ross has learned from his own mistakes, and he wants to help others avoid them which is why he created Warrior Trading. He focuses on day trading with stocks priced under $20. You can find Ross in the Warrior Trading Chat Room each morning and teaching courses in the afternoons.

A team of moderators who are all experienced traders helps Ross run the platform. The members of the team have different backgrounds, but they all have valuable knowledge to share with their students. Mike, for example, is an expert when it comes to trading high-volume stocks. Jeff, on the other hand, offers lessons on swing trading as a part of the Warrior Trading Courses.

What Does Warrior Trading Offer?

Day Trading Chat Room

The day trading chat room is the most prominent feature on the Warrior Trading website. With over a thousand users active each day, this chat room gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with other traders and find some fresh ideas.

Furthermore, Ross and his team share useful tips and market commentary in the chat room each day. By subscribing to the chat room, you’ll get access to their live screen shares and audio/video sessions. Additionally, The Warrior Trading team prepares a watch-list of 3-5 stocks each morning. Ross usually provides a morning commentary as well as a mid-day recap at lunch hour. After the recap, there is also a Q&A session which is a great opportunity to get answers to any additional questions you might have.

Warrior Trading offers three pricing plans for those who want access to their chat room. A monthly subscription will cost you $199. With a quarterly subscription, the service costs $150 per month. Finally, if you want to subscribe for a year, you’ll pay only $75 a month for chat room access. If you are not sure whether you want to subscribe, there is a 5-day trial. You’ll get a 5-day pass for only $5!

Live Trading Simulator

The Live Trading Simulator is an additional subscription-based service offered by Warrior Trading. It’s a really useful feature for beginners since it offers a safe space to hone your skills and test out different strategies without putting your hard-earned cash on the line. The simulator looks just like a real brokerage account, so you will be immersed in a completely realistic experience. You’ll get access to real-time market data and $100,000 in virtual currency to practice with.

Furthermore, the Warrior Trading team monitors all of the trades you make in the simulator. If you keep making the same mistakes or taking risks that seem unreasonable, they will notify you and provide useful advice on how to make your strategy better. The most popular pricing plan is the quarterly subscription. It will cost you $99 a month.

The Warrior Trading Blog

If you are not ready to invest in a monthly subscription, you can still find a lot of learning materials on the Warrior Trading blog for free. You’ll not only find the basic strategies and techniques explained, but there are also free video lessons and market recaps available.

Day Trading Courses

Warrior Trading offers trading courses at three different levels. The Warrior Starter is the most basic program. This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics. It costs around $997. During this one-month course, you’ll learn everything you need in order to start your journey towards profitable trading. You also get access to the Chat Room and the Trading Simulator for a month.Warrior Trading Pricing

The Warrior Pro course takes everything to the next level. It lasts for three months, and you’ll have sessions with your trading mentor three times a week. You will learn about advanced trading systems and get a personalized trade review. However, all of this does not come cheap The Warrior Pro course costs around $4,300.

Finally, the Inner Circle is the most exclusive course offered by Warrior Trading. You’ll need to send an application, and they only accept 100 traders each year.

User Feedback

The Warrior Trading platform has received quite a lot of 5-star reviews. Users have liked how professional the team is, and many of them have found the experience extremely helpful.

However, Warrior Trading services aren’t cheap, and many users have complained about the prices. Furthermore, some features and materials are only available to premium users who are able to pay for the expensive subscriptions.Warrior Trading Course

Why Choose Warrior Trading?

  • The Live Trading Simulator provides beginners with valuable experience before they start trading in real life
  • No matter whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader, the Warrior Trading courses will surely be useful
  • As a Warrior Trading member, you’ll be able to interact with the moderators and get personalized advice and guidance
  • You can also interact with other traders in the chat room
  • Excellent customer support

Warrior Trading: Scam or Legit?

No, Warrior Trading is not another scam. They really do offer high-quality trading courses, and they have helped many people find the path to success. They have received some complaints from users who feel their experience on Warrior Trading was not worth the money, but we think this is completely natural. Nobody is perfect and it’s impossible to provide a perfect experience for everyone. Warrior Trading won’t make you rich overnight, but it will definitely give you a good foundation for becoming a successful trader.

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